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ARGANDIA Fairtrade Organic Skincare

In the heart of Moroccan Berber country, Argan oil has been used as a beauty preparation for centuries. Its nourishing and balancing properties naturally enhance the skin. This concentrate of sunshine has a thousand qualities – it moisturises, relaxes, repairs and fights wrinkles.

ARGANDIA product range was inspired by oriental steam rooms and the ritual surrounding them – smooth cosmetics that combine the gentle, rich and healing properties of their natural active ingredients.

All ARGANDIA products have been certified as Organic cosmetics and use ethically-sourced, natural ingredients.
Argan oil, Prickly Pear, Shea Butter, Vegetable oils and Essential oils are incorporated in our formulae to offer effective dermatological results.

Their commitment to respecting Human Rights and protecting the Environment has led them to develop certified, fair-trade networks in which resources are shared out fairly among all players in the production chain.

ARGANDIA comes from “Argan” or sacred oil and “Dia” meaning “friendly, convivial”.
ARGANDIA speaks of far-off travels, promising effective, natural beauty.

在摩洛哥柏柏爾 (Berber) 的中心地帶,幾個世紀以來,摩洛哥堅果油一直被用作美容聖品、可以塗在頭髮、面部和身體不同位置,有著神奇的滋潤、平衡、提升、緊緻、抗皺等美肌神奇功效。

ARGANDIA 崇尚自然美,與柏柏爾婦女偶然相遇,一拍即合,願望與更多人分享柏柏爾婦女的美容秘訣。


BIOCERT 有機保養品國際專業認證
COSMEBIO 是2002年成立於法國的針對有機保養品的專業認證組織,由於其規範嚴格,取得認證相當不容易,因此其認證在全球特別是歐盟公信度非常高。

ECOCERT 歐盟有機認證
ECOCERT 獲得了歐盟權威機構和美國農業部USDA 的認可,並得到了日本農林水產省的批准進行依據JAS標準的有機認證,在國際上享有良好的聲譽。