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Marseille Soap with Shea Butter

Marseille Soap is the oldest hygenic soap used in France. It is a 100% natural multi-purposes cleaner with wonderful moisturising and nourishing power. It is good for washing our face, body, hair and clothes, specially underwear and babywear. For men, the soap and its foam can be used for shaving. This soap is characterised by its method of production, the fact that it is prepared in a cauldron, as inspired by Aleppo soap, a soap manufactured since antiquity based on olive and bay laurel oil.

The exclusive use of 72% olive oil in the soap is a permanent concern of quality to make the Marseille soap famous.

The shea butter added in the Marseille soaps will provide them real hydrating properties and an amazing softness on the skin.

Marseille Soaps

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